Susanna Lisell Hallgren

Project manager


+46 (0)31 711 27 99


Languages I would like to learn:
Spanish, a beautiful language that I studied in high school and would like to take up again.


Favourite quotation:

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible! "

Audrrey Hepburn


Communication, accuracy, personal service and quality

In my role as project manager I look after clients’ projects from start to finish, with the emphasis on communication, accuracy, personal service and quality. I am convinced that this is a proven recipe for successful project implementation and results, and especially for building long-term customer relations. I help clients to find the solutions that suit their projects best, whether that involves terminology, the specialist knowledge of translators or delivery in specific file formats.


It is important for me that the results of my work always live up to clients’ expectations. As a project manager I have many tools, but one of the most important throughout a project is communication. Communication is the vital element that gives clients, suppliers, colleagues, and me, as project manager, the basis to meet the high standards and goals that our clients set.