Project administrator



+46 (0)31-711 62 67


Languages I would like to learn:

Too many! But I would like to learn even more Russian and sign language, as both languages differ so much from Swedish and I find that really fascinating.

Favourite quotation:

“Life is too short to be normal.”



Focusing on language

My role as a project administrator at Textforum is inspiring, varied and means that I’m constantly learning something new. For me, it’s important to make sure that the project managers get the help they need with their projects, and my daily work frequently brings me in contact with our skilled translators. Being a project administrator calls for accuracy and a commitment to providing good service, so I feel that I’m the right person in the right place. I have always dreamed of working with languages and translation, but I had never imagined how much fun it could be. The best part of it is that every day is different!