Project manager


+46 (0)31 711 70 76


Languages I would like to learn:
Swahili, a language I spoke when I was little and would very much like to dredge up from the depths of my memory.


Favourite quotation:

"There’s no use running if you’re on the wrong road. "

Warren Buffett


Outgoing and service-oriented

In my role as project manager I help my customers to find solutions that match their project needs, whether this involves terminology requirements, selecting a translator with specialist knowledge or delivering files in a specific format. I look after the customer’s assignment from start to finish and make sure the completed text lives up to their expectations. The best part of working in the language industry is having contact with customers and translators from different parts of the world, and learning something new about my own language or a foreign language almost every day. The thing that motivates me is being at the centre of stimulating and diverse projects, and helping customers and translators with different problems.