Translation memories


We deliver translations that consistently use the same terminology within one and the same or multiple documents. The result? Stellar quality and satisfied clients. We do so by compiling and maintaining translation memories for our clients.


We use the industry’s leading translation software, Trados Studio, which identifies and then reuses text strings, word pairs and specific terms. The more translations you order from us, the more data is stored in the unique translation memory we created for you. Translation memories let you save time and money in a very efficient way.


They can be used for many different types of texts, but work particularly well for more technical documents that contain quite a few repetitions. You can then update your technical documents whenever you want, at a fraction of the original cost!


There are plenty of benefits to letting Textforum compile and maintain your company’s translation memories:


  • Lower costs as your translation memory grows 
  • Consistent terminology, as specific terms are reused
  • Guaranteed quality as we become familiar with your terminology
  • Faster deliveries, because we need to spend less time identifying the right terms


We take care of and update your translation memory, leaving you free to focus on your business instead.


Contact one of our experienced project managers for more information or to request a quote.