Subtitling and voice-overs


How to create videos to train staff, sell products or inform an international market.

In a digital world that just keeps on growing, video content is becoming increasingly important.


This is why more and more companies are supplementing their messages with videos – and the benefits are numerous. One of them is the ability to get your message across in a creative and meaningful way. The goal is often to reach potential customers and to train or inform colleagues.


But sometimes you may not get the results you intended.


Sometimes you see no results at all. And often the answer is simple.


Creating subtitles for a video and translating those subtitles into the language of the target group increases the chances that your business will be noticed.


How does subtitling work?

Subtitles fall somewhere between the spoken and the written word, and require a very particular translation skill. Our skilled and experienced subtitlers help you to find just the right tone for your video text and create accurate and concise subtitles that the viewer can easily follow.


We can handle all current file formats and work from already time-stamped text files or simply start from the video itself.


If you need a narrator for a video we can also help you find one, whether you need a narrator in English/Swedish, or any other of our 40 languages.


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