Videos are a great way of reaching out to your target audience, and by adding subtitles to your corporate videos you can reach an entirely new audience. We offer translation of subtitles for demo videos, marketing videos, webinars and e-learning, for example. Our experts can also create subtitles that will be accessible by everyone and comply with the EU directive on web accessibility. Read more about the directive here.


We also offer transcription services and if you need a narrator for a video we can help you find one.


We understand subtitling!

Subtitling requires specialist expertise because it is necessary to compress the message so that viewers can read it in time. Our subtitlers have in-depth experience and create subtitles to suit the target audience you want to reach. They only translate into their own first languages, to ensure that subtitles are culturally matched and that no linguistic nuances are lost. We naturally assign your source material to subtitlers who are familiar with your particular field.


You can choose whether you want the subtitles to be burned in to the video or supplied as separate subtitle files. The latter is often a good choice if you are ordering more than one language, as it lets you simply use the same video file but switch between different languages in the subtitles. Commonly used formats for subtitle files are .srt and .vtt.


We can naturally help if you are starting from scratch and you just have a video. We then create time-coded subtitles and translate them into the languages you require. If you already have a time-coded subtitle file that you want to translate into several languages we can also assist with that.


Everything we do reflects our commitment to quality, accuracy, efficiency and personal service. All translations are checked by our own proof-readers before delivery.


Contact us to request a quote – we look forward to helping you!