Project management


When you work with us, we always provide free project management and advice. That’s a standard part of our service!


As our client, we assign you a personal project manager who will be your primary point of contact. This project manager soon knows your projects and preferences inside and out. All of our project managers have extensive experience of managing both assignments with tight deadlines and more comprehensive projects that involve multiple languages and large numbers of words. Their job is to select the perfect translator for you, safeguard the quality of your translations, and make the entire process as swift and cost-effective as possible.


Don’t hesitate to ask your Textforum project manager for tips when you’re developing internal routines for translations!

Let your project manager guide you

Excellent communication and a personal touch are a priority for us. Together, we tailor-design solutions to fit your company company’s needs. Discussing your expectations before the start of the project helps ensure the translation will be just what you’re looking for.

Here are a few things you and your project manager may want to discuss ahead of the project:


  • How will the text be used? Who is your target audience? Would you like us to localise and adapt the translation to the local market?
  • Does the source text need to be proofread? A well-written source text without any pesky dangling modifiers and ambiguities makes the process smoother and results in an optimal translation. We’re happy to proofread the source text for you!
  • We’ll deliver the translation in the same format as the source text. It’s usually easiest if you give us access to the source text in its original format. If the original can’t be edited, we’ll create an editable version for you.
  • Who does the layout work? Translations can be longer or shorter than the original, so the layout of the translated text usually needs to be tweaked. If you need any help, our DTP (desktop publishing) department has got your back.


Once the translation is finished, we recommend validating the text. This is something we are happy to do for you. If you decide to validate the result yourself, it’s important to send any feedback you may have to the project manager. This allows them to update your translation memory and term base with sector-specific terminology, ensuring these resources are ready for you next time you need a translation.


Read more about validation here.


Our main goal is for you to be happy with our work. Contact us and tell us what you need!