The field of AI-generated text and machine translation (MT) is changing at a rapid pace. The quality of these texts has become a lot better seemingly overnight, which means more and more organisations are wondering how their translation process could benefit from these developments. Textforum offers machine translation as a service, with different degrees of human intervention depending on your needs and wishes. We’ll gladly help you develop a strategy on how to integrate MT and AI in your translation process, based on the texts you want to translate and the kind of results you’re hoping for. We’ll conduct a series of tests and suggest a process and method to make sure the final translation meets your expectations.

Machine translation

We handle the entire translation process and use a specific translation memory and list of terms for your organisation, to make sure all your translations are perfectly consistent. We save the translations you've approved, so we can use relevant sections of them in future projects, saving you both time and money.


To improve machine-translated and AI-generated texts, we recommend letting a professional post-editor read through the result. ‘Post-editing’ means a human being checks the translation, fixes any mistakes, and makes sure the translation’s context and style reflect the original text. On top of that, our inhouse proofreaders will always carefully compare the translation to the source text – an additional quality-check. If your text was translated into multiple languages, they make sure all these different versions are consistent.

Will my data be secure if I use MT?

We use the very latest machine-translation technologies in the field of neural machine translation (NMT) and generative AI – like ChatGPT. The systems we use are fully integrated with our translation tool, Trados Studio. All data is encrypted, so none of your information will be used to train the MT engine or other customers’ engines.

Validate your machine translation

As a final quality-check, we always recommend having your translation validated, whether it was machine-translated or not. Validation means we ensure your translations are adapted to the specific markets your organisation operates in.

Develop an MT strategy with Textforum.