Desktop publishing

Many of our clients who order translations also ask us to do layout work and page design before delivery. We offer a few alternatives:


  • Adobe InDesign – do you have a brochure, magazine, manual or other documents that have been created in InDesign that you want translated into one or more languages while preserving the layout? We will gladly help and will deliver an InDesign package and a print-ready PDF. Or if you just want a translation of an InDesign document without layout we can naturally do that too!  We convert your InDesign file into IDML* format that the translator can import into a CAT** tool, and we then deliver the translation to you in IDML format.
  • Microsoft Office – do you have a manual, technical specification or presentation that has been created in an Office package? We use smart CAT tools that are ideal for translating documents created in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You receive the translation in the same layout as the original document – at no extra cost!


* An IDML file is a document created in Adobe InDesign Markup Language, a converted file format that can be opened in any version of InDesign.

** CAT, Computer Assisted Translation, is a translation tool designed to assist translators and optimise the translation process. The benefits are enhanced quality and consistent translations.