A unique translation tool

Textforum Translation Center (TTC) is an advanced tool for translating magazines and other editorial material (product data sheets, advertisements, mailings, etc.) based on a master created in InDesign. We upload the master document into TTC and ask translators to input their translations straight into your document online, so the layout is preserved. When the translation is complete the text is proofread online. Reviewers or journalists can easily be invited to add comments or edit the text. We then supply the translated InDesign files to you.


  • Cuts time from start of project to print-ready document
  • Text is inserted directly into the document, eliminating your layout costs
  • Translators can see the results immediately, which improves translation quality
  • Documents are shared online


Contact Michael Koch for a demo of TTC: michael.koch@textforum.se or +46(0)31-711 27 94.