Place orders for translations directly from your Episerver/Optimizely

Textforum Episerver/Optimizely Connector is a smart, time-saving tool for translating Episerver/Optimizely texts. After installing the connector in your Episerver/Optimizely interface you can easily place orders for translations with a few quick clicks. When the translations are complete you can then choose to review and edit the texts first, or publish them automatically on the website, with the layout maintained, on the right pages and in the right language layer. This saves countless hours of cut-and-paste time that were previously needed to get the translations in the right locations.

Translations are saved in our client-specific translation memories, which means lower costs next time you order a translation – ideal for clients who update web content more often.




  • Quick and easy ordering of web translations
  • Easy to track translation progress
  • Eliminates costly cutting and pasting
  • Especially effective when ordering multiple languages
  • All administration takes place in one location – your own Episerver/ Optimizely interface
  • Ability to review and edit on the website before publication



Feel free to contact Michael Koch for a demo of Episerver/Optimizely Connector: michael.koch@textforum.se or 031-711 27 94.